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SteriTech is a South African company, established in 1996, with the aim of providing specialist Infection Control products, along with the technical support necessary for their successful use.

Our  Head Office is located in Pinetown, KZN, and our Manufacturing Division is located in Honeydew, JHB.

SteriTech’s holistic range of Infection Control products range from instrument reprocessing products, to surface disinfectants, to detergent-disinfectants, hand hygiene products, airborne microbial products and other disinfectant-based niche products. Most of these products are based on SteriTech concentrate, SteriTech’s active ingredient complex, which is used in all SteriTech products, just at differing levels depending on the purpose for which the product is intended to be used. (For more information on SteriTech concentrate, please see the Efficacy & Accreditation’s page). SteriTech have also recently added some new product’s to our range based on new & exciting Infection Control knowledge & technologies!

To this day SteriTech has not split its focus and is still 100% dedicated to supplying strictly Infection Control related products. With 21 years of experience in many different industries, SteriTech endeavour to provide Infection Control Solutions which are tailor-made to practical in-use situations, rather than just the theory governing Infection Control. In conjunction with the three maxims below, we aim to be your one-stop Infection Protection Specialists.

Safety Profile:

SteriTech’s safety profile for people and animals comes from being free of poisonous or toxic phenols, chlorine, aldehydes and triclosan, as well as the low toxic nature of its component chemicals verified by independent toxicity testing.

Another important safety measure comes from SteriTech’s unique formulations brought about through the blending of multiple active ingredients together with the proprietary mix of inert ingredients in order to provide a level of stability that is not usually found in general purpose disinfectants.

All laboratory tests performed on SteriTech products are internationally recognised, and all products are extensively faculty-tested to ensure real-life efficacy.

Environmentally Friendly:

The environmental challenges that face our planet today are enormous and there is a vital need for businesses to take the lead & make a change. At SteriTech, we are fully engaged in a green culture to help reduce environmental burdens.

One of our most distinguishing features, besides offering powerful, long-lasting, fast-acting products, is that SteriTech products and packaging materials are all eco-friendly, recyclable and/or biodegradable.

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Support Services:

Disinfection products are crucial in the fight against germs and pathogens, yet they are not the only factors for success.

Increasing awareness through knowledge and training, enhancing employer’s compliance through follow-ups and measuring implementation outcome is what makes disinfection a real success. At SteriTech our staff are always available to assist you with any queries, procedures or training requirements.


SteriTech are proud to partner with some of our Distributors in order to create housebrands of our products under their own labels. Within these brands you can expect the exact same product quality, efficacy & technical support as if you were purchasing the main SteriTech brand. These brands, whilst having their own names will always be identified by the use of the words “A SteriTech product” in conjunction with our logo, or will state ourselves as the Manufacturer. Please feel free to contact us directly should you be in any doubt as to the authenticity of any product bearing our name.

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